C-19 War Room

The 'Business Bunker' NCG Chairmans Covid-19 WAR ROOM KABUL


Welcome to The 'Business Bunker' The NCG Chairmans Covid-19 WAR ROOM KABUL

The Chairman of NCG Supply & Response Mr Benjamin Robert Slater and CEO and President of Nomad Concepts Group and companies, mobilized swiftly with his senior team and partners to counteract business damages to his group of companies as any business leader or entrepreneur would do in this unfortunate global situation of Covid-19 pandemic. Mr Benjamin is a robust, practical and down to earth, no nonsense international businessman and has dealt with and navigated through his own fair share of business and entrepreneurial difficulties and success, not only within difficult markets but also difficult host nation contexts where Nomad Concepts Group currently operates and has operated. 

Now navigating Covid-19 2020, Benjamin was elected as The Chairman for NCG Supply and Response internationally leading his own group through this difficult time and additionally mobilized the Business Bunker Covid-19 WAR ROOM KABUL to support others within Afghanistan. Benjamin and his strong Women's led team has been working around the clock to maintain, develop and assist other business leaders within Kabul not to exclude providing much support internationally. Leading the international team from Kabul after being caught in Kabul when flights closed due to Covid-19 in March, safe to say he was very much looking forward to a holiday April 2020 after an already tough 2019. 

Remaining determined and resilient NCG is calling other business leaders and entrepreneurs to do the same to continue and find a way to remain resiliant or contribute to helping others.

Benjamin identified early the issues that may arise from such a global incident and made the tough decision to divert all attention not to Covid-19 negativities but to identify and navigate and explore emerging markets within such a crisis or strip down internal capacities and re direct those capacities or assets to remain afloat and operate with empathy and responsibility. Naturally this was a little bit more intricate for NCG being a multi sector company in different countries especially operating within the fuel sector that crashed, having construction interests / projects halted, postponing programmes and supporting already many other businesses in Kabul many within the first 6 months of startup (A businesses most difficult time in normal circumstance). However NCG have managed to remain agile, firm and in short survive and keep business up and running, more importantly generated & preserved jobs simultaneously helping people internationally. To do this Benjamin identified you may have to leave what you loved doing or the main product/theme of your business and re focus energy into dealing with the latter and move forward. 

Benjamins key statement is to be in business you have to stay in business no matter what 'No Excuses and Take responsibility'.

This is by far one of the biggest challenges that business leaders and entrepreneurs have faced especially within Kabul Afghanistan. Difficulties still complimented with unstable economy and security not to exclude political uncertainty topped by the additional complications arising around Covid-19. This could be the tipping point for much industry and enterprise within the city of Kabul and Afghanistan. 

Identifying that most businesses both established and start up within Kabul, like most of the world on average have only the ability or capability to manage and remain operational/afloat per say for about 4-8 weeks before issues arise and especially expenses begin to amount, business turnover is damaged / identified as a problem / lowered, not to mention salaries and expenses remain as before. It is critical we adapt swiftly or at least mitigate. 

Benjamin mobilized the Business Bunker Covid-19 WAR ROOM KABUL as soon as he could, to offer quick fire lessons learnt, business mentoring, impartial advise, navigation of emerging markets, re structuring and re direction support of business in a Covid-19 context and some financial stimulus for businesess. NCG especially has managed to keep creating jobs and still focused on women in economy and business despite the situation. Benjamin is still heavily engaged in the startup scene and mentoring within Kabul even tho most would consider it a dead end venture at current.

The Business Bunker Covid-19 WAR ROOM KABUL has already attracted multiple business leaders with varied capacities, issues and assets to collectively work to navigate through this tough circumstance. 


The war room purpose:

. Better project management

. War room enhances collaboration and communication, and information flow

. Better problem solving and more responsible decision making 

. Productive meetings

. Improved planning, researching, and straregy development thanks to an in-depth analysis of the problem

. Sharing ideas, experiences, thoughts lets your team achieve desired results 

. A place to discuss issues and possible resolve 

'A war room is usually a single room within the business headquarters or nucleus that contains whiteboards, information, flip charts and computers to help the people plan a strategy or react to shifts. In a project or business war room, seeds of a good project or solution are sewn, and it is often the place where agents, employees and directors spend most of their time during the project especially in a crisis situation.'

We hope that we can expand on the collective group within Kabul to develop or implement positive change in this most unprecedented situation.


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