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NomadConceptsGroup has been operating within Asia and Internationally since 2014 and worked across many sectors boasting vast experience to include Humanitarian and Education contexts in emergency, logistics, construction, medical supply support and procurement, hospital construction and women's empowerment in economy/business and entrepreneurship not to exclude safety, security and training. We are known as a for profit organization complimented with a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility. Over the years we have responded in some context to many high profile major disaster or humanitarian events. Now drawing on our capabilities and experiences we are positioned as an effective, agile spear head group internationally in Covid-19 Supply and Response. Previous works include supporting Afghanistans Returnee and Refugee crisis with shelter and NFI, Nepali Earthquake and Floods, Shelter response to Afghan IDPs cut off by extremist groups, A full SME deployment to support Dominica after Hurricane Lima, Not to exclude small independent consultancy to Haiti after the Catastrophic Earthquake in 2010 with FCO/DFID Rapid Deployment Team. Nomad Concepts Group is very capable and transparent group. We pride ourselves on delivery and getting things done. To add after a full re structure after mid 2019 (Pre Brexit) now are complimented by strong group of companies and high ratio of female managers, supervisors down to core staff under Nomad Owned Companies. Across the group including myself we have many ex elite service veterans that are used to high pressure and difficult contexts worldwide supported by high academia staff and legal. Across our group we have strong references including various ambassadors, generals and government, NATO registration, UNGM Registration, Various Dunns and Cage Numbers. Trusted with our strong escrows not excluding having already passed especially multiple KYC with other governments, organizations, suppliers and trade platforms.

We can deliver.